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Nonprofit fundraising is a constant struggle.

For most nonprofits, traditional fundraising fails to generate sufficient revenue to operate effectively. Very few organizations can rely on grants or major donors to meet their needs, and the vast majority need to turn to alternative forms of fundraising.

Fundraising events like dinners, galas, and golf outings involve a huge amount of effort, volunteers, and overhead, often resulting in a surprisingly low return on investment.

According to nonprofit research, the average charity golf outing yields only $5,000, not a sum that would substantially move the needle for most nonprofits.

Nonprofits are forced to get more and more creative with their fundraising methods, frequently relying on in-kind donations from supporters.

Auctions are a flawed choice for converting
donations into revenue.

In-kind donations are a popular way for both individuals and businesses to support their favorite nonprofits. Frequently, however, these donations are funneled into auctions, which severely limit their potential impact.

Because only the winning bidder ends up donating, auctions inherently limit the donors to one per item, regardless of the level of interest shown by other bidders.

Supporters are often hesitant to bid much more than the item’s face value, placing a relative ceiling on the potential return.

Auctions for some high-ticket items naturally price some donors out as the price increases, which decreases engagement.

The best way to maximize returns on donated items is by utilizing sweepstakes.

Instead of bidding on donated items and limiting the number of donors, supporters can purchase entries for a chance to win the item.

More supporters are involved and everyone who participates is effectively donating, widening your organization’s donor base.

The donated item’s face value no longer acts as a ceiling, allowing the total return to far exceed that of an auction.

Using sweepstakes gives a wider group of supporters a chance at otherwise rare or high-ticket items, which increases engagement.

Fundraising requires a lot of effort.

That’s where Amplifier comes in.

Amplifier will handle the logistics of the sweepstakes, enabling you to focus on what makes your organization special.

Free up your organization’s time and people for more meaningful, impactful work. Amplifier will decrease the fundraising burden on you while increasing your bottom line.

Become more efficient with your fundraising activities and break out of the never-ending cycle of auctions.

Everyone does better when everyone does better.

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